Shalom Technical College

TEL: 0110675592

WA: 0728585001


Student Advisors, Counseling, Learning Support

SHALOM TECHNICAL COLLEGE Student Services provides students with effective learning supports and study strategies to help them study smarter, boost their confidence and keep them on the road to success in their program. Our Student Advisors are the best resource on campus for future and current students to talk to about their academic and personal plan. Our advisors work with all categories of students in all of our programs, they have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share on what works - and what doesn't.

SHALOM TECHNICAL COLLEGE student advisors know how to help students:

  • Identify and meet their education and career goals
  • Work through academic or personal issues
  • Create realistic time management and financial plans
  • Make informed decisions and know all of their options

In addition to general advising topics common to all students, SHALOM TECHNICAL COLLEGE advisors also helps students with administrative tasks - program/sponsor applications, funding, awards and bursaries application. Guidance on creating a strong study plan that balances academics with personal issues.

We Coordinates accessibility supports and administrative tasks for students with disability and help students access government grants and funding.

Our advisors also help students become more efficient and effective in preparing for class work, assignments, tests and exams. We facilitates group study opportunities and exam preparation workshops

Our student Social Worker/Counsellor help students with:

  • Their overall mental health including dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Family issues and healthy relationships
  • Accessing off-campus health and social services
  • Self-confidence, loneliness, suicide prevention

Our Advisors, Social Worker/Counsellor are available at our Johannesburg campus; 225 Marshall Street, or by phone or email. Please contact Student Services at 0110675592, or email